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​​We are the Ones We’ve Been Looking For


Mixed-media collage and zine

‘We are the Ones We’ve Been Looking For’ is a response to the canon of Western liberal feminist discourse on South Asian bodies.  Who gets to tell us what freedom looks like for us, but us?  Removing the role of the photographer as the sole creator of an image and a message, I invited twelve photographers of South Asian origin, in relation to femininity, to co-create. With a shared peeve for our hypermasculine environments, we crafted a message of bodily autonomy where we reframe the body as the locus of freedom, and permission as a freedom practice. During this process, we think about what freedom can look like.   

Through collective effort, a diverse array of photographs were transmuted into a mixed-media collage, wheat-pasted as a mural in Karachi in December 2023, as a kaleidoscope of autonomy and a remedy to the masculinist Pakistani public spaces. 

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