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notes from 2020: meditations



Audio series

10 minutes

A meditative audio series that delves into a personal, profound shift of slowing down, embracing care, and rediscovering oneself amidst the collapsing culture of speed.

CFAW_Asad-Ali-Zulfiqar_2023_Zaina Noman_manzarkash.jpg


This work is presented as part of mindscape, an exhibition curated by Rutaba Syed at the Centre For Arts-based methodologies and Well-being in 2023, featuring the voices of Mubin Noor and Anmol.

Mubin Noor is an Islamabad-based artist whose forte is in the art of the spoken and sung. With an educational background in Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), they offer healing beyond just their words and their voice. They offer physical, mental and emotional solace alike. Using their voice to capture and entertain has been a goal of theirs since the beginning, having taught themselves to sing, not just for the sake of singing but expressing the array of emotions that come with being human. At the core, expressing humanity has, and will continue to be, their greatest passion.

Anmol is a Kashmiri trans individual who sings Kashmiri folk songs and runs a traveling Kashmiri kitchen called Battû Phól. They are also doing a doctorate, exploring urban lives of monkeys in India.

Photos: Zaina Noman

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