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آمی اور چمرنگ کے جنگلات

Published by Kitab Ghar Lahore in Dhalta Suraj

The story is an Urdu translation of Aami & The Mangroves by Alafiya Hasan, rooted in the folklore from Assam, Nagaland, and West Bengal, particularly the Sundarbans.


The tale carries a timeless message about the interconnectedness of personal and environmental health. It seeks to gently nudge the readers to consider more symbiotic ways of living with our surroundings, acknowledge the non-human, have compassion, and hone our relations as we spend our time together on Earth.


Performed with Hafsa Fatima at Dastaangoi, moderated by Hussain Khalid, as part of a little mine, a little yours, a little ours, at CFAW, Karachi. August 14, 2023. Photo: Sarah Kirmani

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